Louis "Skip" ReVille

I'm compelled to add this content because the tennis community is often hyper-insulated, with the vast majority of tennis parents dropping off their kids for hours at a time with pros for lessons, with scholastic coaches at practice, etc. Parents should attend private lessons, or at least drop in regularly, and never allow a coach to drive students home, to a match/practice, etc.  Also, tennis facilities don't offer day care service, so don't let your kids run all over the grounds for hours while you play a match.
NOTE: This column is not mean to create fear of tennis instructors - vast majority are incredibly trustworthy and I've never met one who I personally felt wasn't, but it's intended to serve as a reminder that manicured neighborhoods, exorbitant membership fees and pristine facilities can easily disguise dangers.
Media have focused on his time at The Citadel, Pinewood Prep and church activities, but it's important to note that he was highly involved for a decade in the same Lowcountry tennis circles we all love and enjoy on a regular basis.
ReVille's tennis involvement includes summer camps, schools, coaching roles and group and private tennis instruction at a public facility with both children and adults. Parents say he was a good coach - he got results, he won championships.  He also worked as a trainer at Velocity Sports Performance in Mount Pleasant at a one-on-one personal training program that he started, as well as at over-night "lock-ins" he managed.

P&C article:  "While at Mt. Pleasant rec, ReVille eagerly offered overnight baby-sitting duty to parents of his tennis and basketball players. ReVille also regularly provided car rids to and from practices and games, parents said.
Tennis Resume:
2001 - 2003
The Citadel
Camp Instructor (inc tennis):
On his application for the position in 2001, ReVille, an alumni of The Citadel (English major / Delta Company), expressed an interest in teaching tennis, swimming, and basketball, as well as helping to run the camp newspaper, drill team, and variety show. ReVille wrote on the application that he preferred working with 12-to-14-year-old boys. A background check came up clean.
2001 - ?   Not sure when his service ended.
Town of Mount Pleasant
Volunteer Tennis coach

2002 - 2006
Pinewood Preparatory School
Middle School English Teacher / Basketball & Football Coach
School allegedly ordered ReVille to seek counseling to deal with his penchant for spending time with young boys. Law suit/complaint alleges that he and administrators met in March 2004 to discuss a parent's complaint that ReVille had touched the groins of multiple male students at Pinewood. The three later signed an agreement in which ReVille pledged he would not spend extra-curricular time with students or allow them to visit his home without school and parental permission, the lawsuit states.
*His actions at Pinewood were never publicly connected to players on their tennis teams, but there were certainly concerns in the tennis community.
2008 - 2010
Bishop England High School
Boys Tennis Coach (3 years, 3 championships)
*Catholic Diocese of Charleston did not do a background check before hiring him as the boy's tennis coach.
**USTA No-Cut article mentions that he coached for 5 years prior to starting at B.E.
***2009 P&C tennis column: "Bishop England has a big test coming up... against Waccamaw. Coach Skip ReVille's Bishops then head for Tennessee to compete in a three-day tournament." 
****Article with quotes from victims after ReVille's sentencing: "Another mother said her son, a rising senior, recently returned to playing tennis after years of refusing. “He had a secret,”.
Town of Mount Pleasant
Tennis Instructor
*I've rarely seen this employment mentioned in news reports, but he was there as we all played league matches, leading group and individual lessons."
*ReVille was arrested in 2011. Although only 23 charges were brought, prosecutors believe he molested about 35 boys, ages 10 - 16, over a decade. If you aren't familiar, here is the most comprehensive summary of his atrocities that I've seen - a tragedy for the entire Lowcountry.