USTA Self-Rating

When you're ready for USTA League play, the first thing to do after choosing a facility is to join the USTA and self-rate on-line. 

This is a VERY CRUCIAL MOMENT, and can determine your level of enjoyment for years to come.  BEWARE: The USTA Self-Rate questionnaire is a sneaky device, and it's automated decision is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to reverse.

If you are truly new to tennis, you should receive a 2.5 rating, but this can only be accomplished by answering the questions in a way to assure a 2.5 outcome.

*Caution: If you've ever played tennis in your life- even just for fun with friends, or played any other sport before - at any time in your entire life, do not indicate/report this.

Just about any prior athletic activity will get you a 3.0 rating, which is ridiculous, and I feel it hurts the game.  Many 3.0 players have been playing tennis for 10+ years, and you will face these experienced players in your first match. 

This will certainly increase your frustration and likely cause you to dislike and discontinue the sport.  Nobody wants to lose every time they play or be on a team where they are clearly the worst player.

~ Conversely, if you get rated too low, and want to play with friends at 3.0 or 3.5, you can simply "appeal up" at any time, and it's always granted.

In tennis, skilled play at your current level is a valuable social commodity. If you're looking to make new friends/teams to play with on a regular basis, be sure to rate yourself correctly!